Customer-Centric Culture

We are committed to focusing on our customers, actively listening to their needs, delivering on Quality, Cost, Time and Relationships, and creating an engaging “Customer Journey” filled with meaningful experiences.

Team Spirit

Team spirit is nurtured through participative management, fostering collective success. It contributes to a positive work environment and a sense of community. Each employee is recognized for their unique value and respected as an individual within the team.


We demonstrate a strong commitment to fulfilling promises made to each other, the company, our customers and our partners. This is a pact of individual and collective responsibilities that builds trust and loyalty, driving the long-term performance of the group.


We encourage innovative thinking, taking proactive and different approaches, embracing calculated risk-taking, and allowing room for experimentation. Boldness opens doors to limitless possibilities in a rapidly changing world, fostering a pioneering spirit within the Group.


Group Vision

Gruau, a family-owned group, has become the European leader and a globally recognized business in commercial vehicle upfitting and conversions. We are known for our mobility solutions and valued for our social impact.

  • We prioritize long-term viability and controlled growth as guiding principles for our strategy.
  • Innovation and digitalization are embraced as catalysts for change and success.
  • Our corporate culture places equal emphasis on people, industry, and service.


We strive to build trust and enthusiasm among our customers by:

  • Understanding their business practices and providing tailored advice;
  • Offering product ranges and services that combine functionality and reliability;
  • Delivering a decisive and supportive “Customer Experience”.


With motivating management as our compass, we foster an environment where employees are supportive, positive, proactive, and have a lasting impact on the group’s economic performance by:

  • Cultivating an attractive and adaptable Human Resources policy;
  • Promoting continuous skill development, career growth, and knowledge sharing;
  • Encouraging recognition, personal fulfilment, and self-improvement.


We seek partnerships with competitive, trustworthy, proactive, and responsible partners who:

  • Share our values and understand our vision;
  • Bring expertise and collaborate in projects, where their voices are heard and success is mutually shared.


We are driven by people-centric values and a strong sense of responsibility, embodied in our “Utily-Terre”© spirit:

  • All of our decisions are based on a desire to balance our financial, environmental and social objectives.
  • We foster a culture where our employees are encouraged to actively participate in initiatives that make a positive impact within their communities.