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Coffin Transport Hearse

The Gruau Group offers customized coffin and casket transport vehicles. We will upfit and tailor your hearse according to your needs.

Mixed-Use Hearse

Our versatile funeral vehicle conversions, designed for pre- and post-funeral services, provide convenient, sophisticated solutions.

With our “mixed-use” range, you can efficiently provide both coffin transport and funeral procession services.

With a smaller fleet, you can achieve higher utilization rates for your vehicles.

Funeral Ceremony Hearse

Gruau provides sophisticated and innovative funeral vehicles tailored to your specific funeral procession requirements.

Limousine Hearse

In addition to traditional hearses, Gruau offers a selection of limousine hearses through an exclusive partnership.

These vehicles boast a sleek design and high-quality materials, providing both aesthetic appeal and comfort.

We also offer an electric limousine hearse, perfect for urban areas and Low Emission Zones. Our emission-free model ensures the utmost respect for the deceased and their loved ones during funerals.