Food Truck

At Gruau, we listen to your needs, understand your working environment, and consider your specific requirements.

We offer the best possible custom solution for your Food Truck, no matter what type of food you serve.

Each vehicle upfit is personalized and tailored to your requirements.

Podium Vehicle

Our vehicles are designed to reflect your brand image and are created based on your unique ideas and concepts.

Our advanced technical capabilities allow us to transform your idea into a mobile vehicle that effectively communicates your message.

Our experienced engineering team will support you throughout the definition and realization of your project.

Mobile Office

Our mobile offices are designed to be true alternatives to permanent buildings, providing your customers with the same level of comfort and convenience that they have come to appreciate at your regular place of business.

The key difference is that you can now bring your services directly to them! By understanding your project, we collaborate with you to create a custom space that fully maximizes your commercial potential.

Cultural Vehicle

We offer customizable and versatile vehicle solutions tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to showcase your cultural offering.

Whether it’s a Mobile Book and Media Library or a Mobile Toy and Game Library, our vehicles are designed to meet your requirements and comply with the demands of your specific activity.

Fire Safety Training Vehicle

Our fire safety training vehicles are purpose-built for comprehensive fire safety training across various industries. They feature a classroom area and practical training spaces, equipped with all the necessary tools for active hands-on training in fire prevention and firefighting. The comfortable and climate-controlled classroom includes video projection capabilities and seating for 8 to 14 people.

The vehicles are equipped with a designated fire zone, smoke generator, fire extinguishers, and evacuation routes.