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The experts at Gruau specialize in designing and producing a wide range of vehicles tailored to the healthcare and emergency assistance sectors. With over 70 years of experience, we ensure that your vehicle is high-performing and perfectly tailored to your specific requirements.

Photo véhicule ambulance

Light Medical Vehicles

Optimize your light medical vehicles with ergonomic storage spaces to improve your working conditions during interventions.

With Gruau’s upfit solutions, you can benefit from optimal working conditions. Our Gruau experts, who have a deep understanding of your business, provide advice and guide you towards the best layout options.

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Emergency and Victim Assistance Vehicle

For over 70 years, the Gruau Group has been designing and manufacturing Emergency and Victim Assistance Vehicles. With our renowned expertise, we assist you in defining the specifications for your emergency medical services vehicle.

Passenger transport

Every customer is unique, which is why we provide personalized solutions for both individual and group transportation. Whether it’s individual or group transport, using vans, private vehicles, or compact cars, Gruau offers a wide range of custom conversions and upfits specifically tailored to wheelchair accessibility.

Medical and social services vehicules

To provide mobile, local medical and social services, the Gruau Group designs and manufactures vehicles tailored to healthcare professionals for patient care.

We are committed to assisting healthcare professionals in delivering convenient and high-quality services to patients, even in remote areas. For this purpose, we create vehicles specifically designed for medical visits and care.