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From marked vehicles to unmarked cars and specialized vehicles, Gruau works closely with the technical teams of Ministries to develop solutions that meet the technical and security criteria expected by law enforcement agencies.

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Its dedicated security department, organized into project teams with over 100 specialists, manages the entire activity:

  • Study and response to specifications process.
  • Prototype development.
  • Establishment of manufacturing lines.
  • Quality control and production monitoring.

The group’s industrial capacity allows for the production of both individual vehicles and series, with the implementation of dedicated manufacturing lines.

A specialized site in Laval, Mayenne (53), with a total area of 36,000 m². A 90,000 m² parking area with an average capacity of 1,200 vehicles.


Electromagnetic Compatibility of Electric Radiations, electromagnetic compatibility, radiation, and shooting bench tests: adapting security vehicles requires a thorough mastery of standards and regulations.

Gruau has a dedicated team that ensures the successful completion of tests and the obtaining of certificates during development (glass resistance, electromagnetic compatibility, radiation, etc.).


Gruau is an expert and certified to work on new hybrid and electric vehicle powertrains (lockout and tagout).

Key figures


dedicated manufacturing lines at the Laval site


complementary Gruau sites capable of production


checkpoints during transformation and final inspection

3 000

security vehicles produced and delivered in 2022

A wide range of security vehicles


Ensuring complete security for police missions

From marked vehicles to unmarked cars and specialized vehicles, Gruau works closely with the technical teams of the Ministry of the Interior to develop adaptations that meet the technical and security criteria of national police forces. These adaptations address personnel protection, visibility, communication, and equipment carrying capabilities.

Multiple adaptations to meet the diversity of interventions by the national gendarmerie

For the gendarmerie, which operates in rural and peri-urban areas, Gruau adapts the adaptations based on the specific interventions.

Building on a common base, the modularity of the adaptations (audible and visual signaling, anti-break-in and ballistic protection, canine unit integration, connectivity solutions integration, etc.) aims to meet the specific requirements of different missions: patrols, intervention groups, investigative units, canine brigades, and more.


Transforming all types of passenger and commercial vehicles for municipal police

The specific service needs and environmental characteristics of municipal police vary greatly from one city to another.

Gruau transforms multiple models and offers a wide range of approved equipment: light vehicles or intervention vans, incident response vans, canine units, patrol vehicles, signaling equipment, and more. This allows municipal police officers to carry out their missions safely and in compliance with legislation.

Transformations on all manufacturer brands, all passenger and commercial vehicle models, and all powertrains: petrol, hybrid, or electric.

Wide range of equipment: graphics, audible and visual signaling, pre-wiring for radios, storage solutions, reinforced protection, and more.

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