Ensuring Cold Chain Integrity

At Gruau, our product design prioritizes quality, durability, and functionality to guarantee the cold chain over time. Our refrigerated inserts and bodies are:

  • Fully equipped and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Built to last, with excellent repairability.

Three reasons to trust us

Tailored solutions for every industry

Our wide range of conversions includes various body types, cargo capacities, vehicle makes and models, refrigeration units, and an extensive catalogue of options.

This allows us to offer highly customized solutions that precisely cater to the specific requirements of different industries, such as food service, home delivery, and pharmaceuticals.

upfits for clean vehicles

Gruau’s engineering department plays a pivotal role in adapting our solutions to incorporate new technologies and accommodate the evolving propulsion systems of clean vehicles, including electric, PHEV, and CNG engines.

We are actively working on alternatives to traditional refrigeration units and exploring ways to increase the operating autonomy of refrigeration systems.

Cemafroid certification

All Gruau isothermal conversions are ATP-compliant, approved by Cemafroid in two classes: class A, positive cold, and class C, positive or negative cold down to -20°C.

Gruau is also an accredited Cemafroid test centre in the Paris region, authorized to carry out the mandatory inspections required to extend certificates of conformity.

Furthermore, Gruau proudly holds the distinction of being the first utility vehicle manufacturer to obtain the Certicold Pharma label, a prestigious European certification that validates the thermal performance of our vehicles and their compliance with Good Distribution Practices (GDP) for pharmaceutical products.

Key figures

+12 to -20

°C chilled and frozen products

10 to 15

Up to 10 m3 for inserts and 15 m3 for bodies


Choose from a selection of over 20 models, including electric or engine-driven refrigeration unit options

Our Range of Insulated and Refrigerated Vehicles

Iso-City Insert

The Iso-City insert is custom-made using moulded polyester polyurethane sandwich panels installed in the original vehicle. It fits seamlessly into the vehicle body, providing the following benefits:

  • Preserves the original vehicle’s aesthetics.
  • Maximizes usable volume.
  • Easy care and cleaning.
  • Offers a wide range of configurations and options for industry-specific customization.
  • Available for small, medium and large vans.

Iso-Van Body

The Iso-Van is a monobloc body attached to a chassis or cab floor. It is constructed with smooth polyester sandwich panels and polyurethane insulation, ensuring high durability while providing significant cargo capacity.

  • Ability to load pallets.
  • Up to 15 m3 of cargo capacity.
  • Flat floor without wheel arches on cab chassis.
  • Low loading sill on cab floor.
  • Option for tailgate installation.
Véhicule isolation livraison
Véhicule isolation livraison

Home Delivery

An innovative tri-temperature solution designed for urban delivery operations.

  • Goods can be separated based on their temperature requirements.
  • Improved ergonomics and less physical strain.
  • Quick loading and unloading.
  • Optimized cargo space and fewer delivery errors.

Suitable for transporting pharmaceuticals

Certicold Pharma-certified conversion designed for temperature-controlled transport of health products.

  • Three compartments with different temperatures.
  • Integrated autonomous cooling system.
  • Maintains temperature in external conditions ranging from -20°C to +40°C.

Also available as a detachable version compatible with various light commercial vehicles with side door.

GRUAU Innovation

Fully Integrated Refrigeration Unit

  • Preserves the overall height of the vehicle, allowing easy access to car parks and minimizing wind resistance. It can be cleaned using a roller system and qualifies as a Class 1 vehicle on highways if the height is less than 2m.
  • Rapid attainment of the desired temperature.
  • Maintains the original vehicle’s silhouette.
  • Requires reduced maintenance.

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