First response emergency vehicles

With Gruau’s vehicle upfit solutions, optimize the storage space in your First Response Emergency Vehicles and improve your intervention conditions. Our Gruau experts, who have a deep understanding of your working environment, provide advice and guide you towards the best layout options.

Support vehicles

Suitable for all types of missions, our support vehicle upfits meet your expectations and provide optimal support for your missions.

Command vehicles

Equipped with all the necessary fittings and equipment to support intervention teams and coordinate operations, Gruau’s command vehicles are designed to meet the needs of rescue commanders. We customize the vehicle according to your specifications, providing support for all your operations.

Heavy vehicles

From 3.5-tonne to 44-tonne vehicles, Gruau offers customized solutions for your specialized intervention vehicles.

Available on various chassis types (Renault Trucks, Iveco, Fuso, Mercedes, Volkswagen, DAF, MAN, Nissan, Volvo, Scania), we guide you every step of the way, from analysing your needs to delivering the vehicles.

Specialized intervention vehicles

If you’re looking for an optimized upfit for a specific use, we can help!

Our specialized intervention vehicles offer multiple solutions developed by our engineering department in collaboration with your teams.

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