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Our crew cabs, which offer up to 4 additional seats in a vehicle, are designed to provide optimal passenger comfort and good acoustic performance while adding functionality to the vehicle.

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Whether for seasonal or permanent use, we offer different solutions of fixed or removable crew cabs, with different levels of finishes and comfort.


Depending on the model, customize your cab:

  • Glass partition window for rear visibility.
  • Side windows.
  • Custom seat upholstery.
  • Interior trim for the cab or loading area.
  • Roof lining.

Key figures


models of crew cabs


up to 4 additional seats depending on the model


conversions on more than 110 base models

Our range of crew cabs

Fixed Cab – ConfoCab

Functional, robust and safe.

Cab completely separated from the rear area by a protective partition, with a pre-formed rear bench seat with folding armrests and built-in headrests, the basic version of the ConfoCab features:

  • Complete protection from the load being transported.
  • 3-point seat belts at each seating position.
  • Rear and front seats at the same level.
  • Storage space under the bench for long objects.
  • Non-slip floor.

Fixed Cab – Comfort Plus

A perfect blend of strength and premium finishing.

The Comfort Plus fixed cab is completely separated from the rear section by a protective partition. This version features:

  • A rear bench seat with three adjustable and tilting headrests.
  • Three-point seat belts and seat belt detection for each seat.
  • Storage space under the bench for long objects.
  • A wear-resistant, non-slip floor.

Cab with Individual Seats – Zuo-Cab

Ideal for users seeking versatility, comfort, and superior finishing.

The Zuo-Cab features three comfortable individual seats and sets the benchmark for passenger comfort.

  • Each seat has a three-point seat belt.
  • The seats can be reclined and easily removed by sliding the seat.
  • Adjustable headrests are included as a standard feature.
  • Folding armrests are provided between each seat.

Zuo Individual Seat

Maximum adaptation and comfort tailored to specific needs.

The Zuo individual seat is designed for cabs with an incomplete row of seats, a two-row cab, or a cab positioned differently from traditional cabs. It offers exceptional comfort and custom options:

  • Choose between two seat heights.
  • Folding armrests.
  • Custom side upholstery and seat upholstery options.


Additional Sortimo Professional Equipment

Service vehicles with customized Globelyst layouts for spare parts service and Zuo-Cab cabs for crew transfers:

  • Modular equipment: special storage solutions for spare parts required for vehicle maintenance and repair.
  • Maximization of payload: interior equipment that is 20% lighter than wood, made from durable materials such as steel, aluminium, and robust plastics.

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