Gruau Company Car Kits: A Fast and Certified Solution

An ideal, fast, and certified solution for converting passenger vehicles into two-seat company cars while maintaining levels of comfort and safety comparable to those of passenger vehicles.

With the rear bench seat removed, the loading capacity exceeds that of the standard version, in some cases doubling the size of the trunk.

Our production systems and the agreements we have with carmakers enable us to develop and introduce new kits on the market shortly after the release of new vehicle models from any brand.

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hours to complete inspections and issue plates

Transform your vehicles into company cars with our kits

Photo véhicule de société
Photo véhicule de société
Photo véhicule de société
Photo véhicule de société
Photo véhicule de société

Unparalleled comfort and safety

  • Reliability and long-lasting durability.
  • Our traditional carpeted kit provides maximum sound insulation.
  • No noise associated with the conversion.
  • Full accessibility through rear doors.
  • Customization options available to meet customer needs.

Kit Options

  • Folding, removable cargo cover.
  • Protective screen, depending on the model.

The added bonus

Specific Sortimo fittings include tie-down rails, sliding drawers and trays, removable storage bins on the rear tailgate and more.

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